Monday, 9 September 2013

Workshop Wednesday!

Last Wesnesday I got a break from classes and spent the day doing different workshops with my class. Not only did I have lots of fun, but I got to learn some new skills and I also learned a lot about myself.

During our first workshop, a woman called Gilíosa taught us how to do shoulder massages. I was partners with Jessie and, it has to be said, she's a great masseuse! Although it seemed unimportant at first, learning this skill actually turned out to be very useful. She also taught us about overcoming stress, which will come in very handy during exam years.

Feeling very relaxed and quite drowsy after our massages, we moved on to our second workshop, Positive Parties, with a woman called Denise. She gave us tips on how to stay positive while we had a party. We also danced, sang, played with balloons and, most importantly, ate sweets! This was, by far, my favourite workshop of the day because I had a lot of fun.


Lastly, we went to Personality Profiling with a man called Austin. He taught us about self-confidence and about interacting with others. I found this very interesting, but I found it quite difficult to concentrate because I was being attacked by wasps.

Unfortunately we don't have any workshops this Wednesday as we're getting our results (I'm really nervous!), but at least we have our trip to Carlingford to look forward to! :-)

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