Monday, 10 February 2014

Girl Rising

In religion class, we have been working on our Schools Across Borders project. As part of our project, we have decided to focus on the education of girls around the world. We watched a movie called "Girl Rising" together. The movie contained the stories of eight girls from different parts of the world. This movie really touched us and inspired us to do more. We decided to host an awareness week in our school for girls around the world. We used "Girl Rising" to help raise awareness. We also made our own movies, inspired by Girl Rising, in IT class. Here is my movie. :-)

Friday, 10 January 2014

Junk Kouture!

Today, after months of preparation, we had our Junk Kouture fashion show. Junk Kouture is a project that we did in home ec. We got into groups of three and had to design and make an outfit out of 'junk'. One person from each group then had to model the outfit. Karen and Nicole were in my group. We made an outfit that consisted of a skirt and a top which were covered in leaves. Our outfit was modeled by Karen. I read out the description of our deign while Karen walked down the catwalk. I think everyone really enjoyed the fashion show. :-) 

Karen modeling our outfit

BT Young Scientist Exhibition!

Yesterday, we went to the RDS in Dublin to see the Young Scientist Exhibition. First, we were taken outside to a tent to watch a show where robots were put in an arena to fight. I thought that the show was really good. We then looked at all of the projects that had been entered into the competition. One project that I found really interesting was called "What Makes up your Make-up?" We also saw the project that went on to win the competition. The project was done
The robot show!
by a Dublin student 
who found answers to previously unsolved mathematical problems. 

Next, we went into the 'Eco room'. There were lots of environmentally friendly stalls there. I thought that the Dublin Zoo stand was very interesting. We then went to see the rest of the exhibition. There were loads of stalls, such as a UCD science stall and lots of stalls from different gaeltachts around Ireland. People from RTÉ were also there and we saw Ryan Tubridy! 

Despite temporarily losing my phone, I had a good time at the exhibiton. :-)

All of the science projects!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Happy Holly-Days!

Today we went into town to raise money for the ISPCC by selling the ISPCC's famous holly badges. First, we went into the hall where Susan and Emma gave us our collection boxes and told us where we had to go. They also told us that the money would go towards the ISPCC's Childline service. We then went off wearing our Santa hats to our designated areas. Aine, Jessie and I went to stand outside the Gaiety Theatre. It was really cold but it was for a great cause and we collected way more money than we had expected to! 

On Sunday, the choir sang Christmas Carols at the Christmas fair at Castletown House. We sang carols for about an hour and some of the fifth years performed pieces that they had been working on in music class. Afterwards we got crepes from a stall at the fair!
 Doing all of this Christmassy stuff has definitely got me even more excited for Christmas! 
Below is one of the Christmas songs that the choir sang. :-) 


On Saturday, we did a flashmob to promote our school's musical, Calamity Jane! We met up in secret, wearing our checked shirts, before going to the church where lots of people had gathered to see the Christmas lights being turned on. We handed out flyers about the musical until the music started. We then ran into our positions and began our dance. It went really well and afterwards, my friends and I stayed in the village to watch the Christmas lights being switched on. :-) 

Whip Crack Away!

On Friday evening, the launch of our school's musical, Calamity Jane, was held in the Celbridge Manor House Hotel. I sang in the choir at the start. The cast of the musical then performed some of the songs in the play. They were really good, it was obvious that a lot of hard work and practise has already been put into the musical. The launch was very successful. Lots of people showed up and bought tickets. We were all pretty tired afterwards but it was worth it! 

This is one of the songs that was performed at the launch, enjoy! :-)

Road Safety Roadshow!

On Thursday, we went to a Road Safety Roadshow that was held in Punchestown. As soon as we got our wristbands we were free to look around the exhibition that had been set up on one side of the hall. There were lots of different stalls there, such as the Kildare County Fire Service stall. We also got lots of free stuff which was good.

After about two hours, we went into the other part of the hall for the road safety show. At the start of the show, a policeman from New York spoke about the NYPD. He was very funny. After that it got pretty serious. We watched lots of videos about road safety and we saw the consequences of not driving safely. It's safe to say I'll definitely never forget to wear my seat belt again. The show was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. Even though the Roadshow ended at one o'clock, we got to go home as soon as we got back to the school because we had a half day. :-)