Monday, 23 September 2013

Workshop Wednesday Part II

The morning after our action-packed two days in Carlingford, I dragged myself out of bed and into school for our second day of workshops. Our first workshop was laughter yoga with Denise from Positive Parties. We put on funny masks and wigs. Unfortunately it didn't work as well as it was supposed to as we were all still very tired, but it was still fun. 

Next, we went to a workshop with Brenda and Kate from BK Inniu. They taught us how to walk properly in heels, how to dress appropriately for interviews and how to care for our nails. They also showed us a very sad but effective video about body image. This was my favourite wokshop of the day. 

For our last workshop, GilĂ­osa came back to teach us how to do head massages. This time, I was partners with Holly. The massage she gave me was so nice that I fell asleep! 

I really liked these workshops and I am looking forward to
our workshops next Wednesday. :-)

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