Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Budding Entrepreneurs

On Thursday, we went to the Moat Theatre in Naas for a mini-company talk. We sat in the theatre with TY students from other schools while a woman from the Kildare County Enterprise Board spoke to us about our mini-company projects. She told us more about the project and explained the marking scheme. She also gave us useful tips on how to set up our business and how to think of good ideas. During the talk, we also had to get into groups. Each group had to come up with a new type of pen. We then had to decide how to market our pen. When we were finished, two people from each group got up to speak about their ideas. I was really surprised by the amount of amazing ideas that each group had thought of. When the talk was over, our mini-company teachers let us go to Mc Donalds! :-)

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