Monday, 23 September 2013

Carlingford 2013!

On Monday, we all got up really early to get our bus to Carlingford, Louth. Although it didn't seem like it at 6.30 in the morning, it was definitely worth the early start! When we got there, we were split into two groups. My group went to do the 'Carlingford Challenge', which was a series of team building challenges. This was a lot of fun and my team was one of the teams that won. After lunch, we changed into camouflage suits and went into the forest for our second activity, laser tag. We were given special guns and had to shoot the other team. This was by far one of my favourite activities. We were nearly having too much fun to realise that Mr K was cheating the whole time!

That evening, we went back into the forest for a blind-folded walk. I was terrified because one of the instructors kept growling in my ear! When we got back, we had some free time and Mrs L let us go to the Chinese. After we ate, we went back to our room and ate some more (no surprise there...). Sharing a room with my friends was great, Aine K and I made a fort out of our bunk bed! Even though we planned to stay awake all night, we struggled to keep our eyes open past 12 o'clock after our busy day.

The next morning we got up early for our next activity, kayaking. It was freezing! No amount of singing about Father Abraham and his seven sons could warm us up. Despite the cold, this was another one of my favourite activities. We kayaked across to a cave and I put my head under a waterfall that would supposedly give me eternal life. On the way back, we went on a massive water trampoline. It was so much fun, but I was so cold that all i could think about was going back and changing into warm, dry clothes.

After lunch, we did three activities; body zorbing, 'Communication Breakdown' and archery. In 'Communication Breakdown' we all had to help each other to complete a maze in the dark. I got to learn a completely new skill when we did archery and I surprised myself when I hit the bullseye three times in a row! Body zorbing was my favourite out of the three. After getting myself stuck upside down numerous times, I think I have perfected my somersault. 

I really really enjoyed our trip to Carlingford, but I wish we could have stayed longer. The instructors were very friendly and I got to know girls in my year who I had barely spoken to before.  :-) 

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