Saturday, 12 October 2013

Road Safety Week

As part of Road Safety week, a man called Pat Mc Neely came in to do the Drive 4 Life road safety talk with us on Tuesday.  He spoke to us about the main causes of car crashes in Ireland and he told us about the impacts of car accidents on peoples' lives. Although it was very sad, I thought the talk was really good because it showed us just how careful we have to be on the road when we start driving. The talk was sponsored by Kildare Road Safety officer, Declan Keogh, who also came in to visit us. 

By lunchtime, after watching lots of very sad videos, we were all feeling pretty depressed. So to lighten the mood, we all did the RSA theory test. I failed! I got 32 out of 40 and you need to get 35 or more to pass. 

I think that after that talk, we will all be really safe and responsible drivers. :-)  

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