Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fun Walk 2013!

On Friday, we had our annual Fun Walk. Every year, as part of Friendship Week, each class must prepare a routine that encourages friendship and anti-bullying. On the day of the Fun Walk, each class must then perform their routine for the rest of the school out on the tennis courts, and a winning class is picked from each year group. 

Our duck costumes!
This year, the colour for TY's was yellow, so my class decided to dress up as ducks. Our tutor, Ms O'R, dressed up as the Mother duck and Lauren Mc dressed up as the Ugly duckling. We had a lot of fun practising our dance and making our costumes! In our performance, all of the ducks were excluding the Ugly duckling at a party, but soon the Mother duck helped us to see that what we were doing was wrong and we became friends with the Ugly duckling. I thought I would be nervous when we were performing, but I actually really enjoyed it!

After our performance, we got to watch the rest of the classes, they were all really good! I was one of the TY's who had volunteered to stand at different points along the route of the walk and make sure that everyone knew what way they were going. There were six of us standing around the same place and we had a good laugh.

When the walk was over, we all went back to the school and got a drink. The prefects put on music and we danced for a while before we went home. I really enjoyed the Fun Walk and we raised lots of money for charities such as the Crumlin Hospital Diabetes Unit. 

This morning we found out that Cornaro were the winning class from TY! We were all delighted that we won and had a party in english class with Ms O'Reilly to celebrate. 

This is a small part of the video that inspired my class' idea.  :-)

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