Friday, 10 January 2014

BT Young Scientist Exhibition!

Yesterday, we went to the RDS in Dublin to see the Young Scientist Exhibition. First, we were taken outside to a tent to watch a show where robots were put in an arena to fight. I thought that the show was really good. We then looked at all of the projects that had been entered into the competition. One project that I found really interesting was called "What Makes up your Make-up?" We also saw the project that went on to win the competition. The project was done
The robot show!
by a Dublin student 
who found answers to previously unsolved mathematical problems. 

Next, we went into the 'Eco room'. There were lots of environmentally friendly stalls there. I thought that the Dublin Zoo stand was very interesting. We then went to see the rest of the exhibition. There were loads of stalls, such as a UCD science stall and lots of stalls from different gaeltachts around Ireland. People from RTÉ were also there and we saw Ryan Tubridy! 

Despite temporarily losing my phone, I had a good time at the exhibiton. :-)

All of the science projects!

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