Thursday, 14 November 2013

Busy Bees!

Whoever told me that TY is a doss year must have been joking. Since we came back after midterm, we've been so so busy with projects, trips, work experience etc.

We're still working on loads of projects such as Junk Kouture, Mini Company and our Sci Fest project. We are also doing an Irish project on our Family Tree, a geography project on Ireland's Islands and our Schools Across Borders project for religion. We're making clocks in technology. We had a debate in English about social networking and all of the TY maths classes are working on a maths dictionary to help students in our school with the new Project Maths course. We have also written a French essay on Coco Chanel and a history essay on the 1913 Lockout. 

I am still doing work experience at the Liffey Champion newspaper every Wednesday with Jessica. It's going really well and three of the stories that I have written have been printed. I'm definitely considering becoming a journalist when I leave school! It's pretty tiring but I love it, and I'll be sad to leave in two week's time.
Naas General Hosptial

We have been going on a trip at least once a week! We went to Tallaght IT to see a science show and today we went into town for an English trip about WB Yeats. I have also been to some talks in Naas General Hospital that were really interesting. If I eat any more Mc Donald's for lunch I'll probably become terminally ill. Our teachers also have lots of trips planned for us. Next week, we are going on a religion trip to City West and we will be going bowling on the 19th of December.

I joined the St Raphael's Friendship Club at the start of the year and I'm really happy I did. We go to St Raphael's every three weeks to visit the service users for about an hour. We talk to them, play games, and do arts and crafts with them. It's so much fun and I have made friends with a few girls from my school in different years that I had never spoken to before. 
This is the art we did on the open day!

The open day for incoming first years was held last Saturday. Jessie, Niamh and I went in to help out in the art room with Mr H. We did lots of drawing and I worked on my leaf drawing that we are doing in art. Some of the parents gave me really nice compliments on my work which made me really happy. When the open day was finished, we had a party in the music room!

In choir, we're already doing lots of practise for the Wesley Choir Competition. We are singing a song from Phantom of the Opera called "Think of Me". I am a Soprano 2. Our line is pretty tricky but we're getting better! Next week, we are going to start learning Christmas Carols, I'm so excited! Below is part of the song that we will be singing. :-) 

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