Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tons of Talks!

This week, myself and some other TYs went to Naas General Hospital to attend talks that were given by some of the doctors and nurses there. I went to two of the talks. Each talk lasted about two hours and there were TY students from other schools in Kildare there too.

On Monday, I went to a talk on Nursing. The talk went on from eleven o'clock to one o'clock.  During the talk, different nurses who specialize in different types of nursing also came in to talk to us. There was a general nurse, a pediatric nurse (a nurse who works with children), a a nurse who works with people who abuse drugs and alcohol, and a nurse who works in palliative care. They spoke to us about what they like and dislike about their job. Most of the nurses said that helping people to get better is a very rewarding part of their job, but they said that seeing people die can be very hard. They also told us what universities do nursing courses and how many points we would need to get in our Leaving Cert. I found this talk really interesting.

I also went to a talk on Physiotherapy on Tuesday with about ten other girls from TY. There were two physiotherapists talking to us. They told us about what being a physiotherapist involves. They also told us what universities do physiotherapy courses and how many points we would need to get in our Leaving Cert. I was surprised because I didn't realise how much work physiotherapists do. When the talk was finished, we were allowed to go up and look at all of the equipment that physiotherapists use and they showed us how to use it. It was really fun. 

I'm really glad that I went to the talks because I learned lots of information about nursing and physiotherapy that I didn't know before. We also got to go to Mc Donald's in Naas afterwards! :-)

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